"Don't test for testing sake" - My simple message to all teachers, schools and sports coaches this summer in Australia.

It is far too easy to waste time, money and effort of parents and kids with invalid, unreliable and worthless testing of function and…https://t.co/VLgWK7Kvdo

Education is the key!!!

It is exciting to be delivering a number of powerful presentations across Victoria, Australia around the collide between education, health, sport and technology. This is an area I have been inclusive internationally for a number o…https://t.co/vSSX5fmoF0

Too true. "Testing for testing sake = poor coaching and development"


So there is a huge amount of chatter around #WomenInSport and those around me know that I have been a dedicated supporter of this well before it was a hashtag.

In my capacity as Technical Director of #AlameinFC in the Football Victori…https://t.co/OQcw4kJ0QX

Pushing the boundaries of #WellnessTracking in #RealWorld ways is our mission.

Global Wellness Tracking is a leader in reliable human performance assessment at scale and still consider #AI as Actual Intelligence.

This video details our use of #MoCap to…https://t.co/1KivcznpO2

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