VAR Liverpool v Everton. Another example of "Artificial" intelligence being the excuse for lack of "Actual" intelligence?

I am a firm backer if ACTUAL Intelligence when it comes to AI as it is the humans responsibility and right to be subjective or empa…

⚽ Assured program for your members designed and delivered by experts in this field with empathy on the variables of community, development, sub-elite and elite football internationally


⚽ A timeline foundation that allows the committee to plan pitch usage/allocation, session timing, pre-season, trials and have a back up plan for unknown events (weather, COVID repeat, coach illness or departure)


Check out my latest article: 10 reasons why your club would benefit from a Virtual Technical Director via @LinkedIn

⚽ Relieved workload for the committee on federation communications specifically around the technicalities of the game, player and coaching needs


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