About Me

Hi! I’m Graham Dudley. Thanks for stopping by.

Born in Scotland, my life has taken me around the globe in a number of roles since starting out as a humble sales agent in the casing and storage industry at the age of 20 but nothing has been more of a passion than sport and its impact on peoples lives both negative and positive.

As a young boy football (soccer) was the choice and I have proud moments representing school, county, region, college and town as a player before gaining an interest in motor sports through my fathers work in the tooling and engineering industry as major partners to F1 and national circuit racing in the UK.  While other sports took my interest it was the support to my local teams in the Witney and District Football League and subsequent junior female football development with my daughter that stole my focus as I started on the journey as a sporting parent and coach.

Starting out immediately with my FA coaching badges in England, I continued my coach development in Australia working towards the FFA B licence and it was during this journey as a student to the sport that I really gained insight and a passion for equality in areas of development, opportunity and talent support.

Designing Global Performance Testing in 2012 was the beginnings of the dream and as the days, weeks, months and years pass by this dream continues to excite me as I engage with like minded professionals who have a moral and ethical stance on the term “equality”.

I now have the privilege of working with world leaders of business, academics, institutes, athletes and students to expand my knowledge, experience and network on a daily basis.

It remains my sole focus to allow professionalism normally maintained only for the privileged and elite, to be accessible to the wider population and opportunity for people passionate about a career and future in sports and wellness to be supported in the early and late years of their personal journeys too.

#LearnTrainWork is a pathway from school to adulthood within Global Performance Testing International

#TrueData is a statement of quality, assurance and credibility for all abilities, all activities

#DontSettleForAverage is an emotion that we should adhere to in every walk of life

#DiamondsFromCoal is a statement I have lived by to this day.  “Diamonds are nothing but chunks of coal that stuck to their jobs”

Thank you for your interest in me and my passion in sport and active living.  I look forward to meeting you soon.