Equality to all abilities

It was phenomenally gratifying to see true equality take shape at the recent #CommonweathGames on #GoldCoast, Australia with the Paralympics able to absorb the same atmosphere during each event and in reverse the audience, both present and digital, to witness the outstanding human capabilities of all participating.  In essence these games brought reality to the very attributes of what makes a great human considering their physical, psychological, sociological and cognitive differences.  Where one has strength another needs development and vice-versa.

Global Performance Testing International is based around unbiased equality and not just in terms of the basic gender, religion or race but in providing the same service and opportunity to any age, ability, background or preference.  This is equally available for staff and clients alike.

To lead, it is expected that one must break down barriers and in partnership with the AFL Victoria, Australia and Disability Sport and Recreation also in Australia, #TeamGPTAus ran the inaugural draft combine for the Victorian Wheelchair Football League.

I was overwhelmed by the compassion and support each athlete gave to the next and in truth a little taken aback when we were graciously thanked for providing them the opportunity.  Shouldn’t this be the norm that any person wishing to have access to professional services should have that right or are we happy to maintain that professionalism is only maintained for the professionals?


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