In 1994 I started in a basic role as a commissioned sales agent for a range of steel cantilever toolboxes.  Remember, the old heavy boxes that would scratch anything they touched and you had to rummage about to find the right spanner or screwdriver.  My range was from an outstanding manufacturer called Francom based in northern Italy and my clients were just about any tool shop from top to bottom of the British Isles.  The good old days 🙂

A few years later, at 21, I started my case distribution business in Oxford, England and continued to develop case sales and design throughout the UK then into Europe before it took me to Australia in 2006.  I continue to love the industry and day to day differences of case design and the millions of applications so I am both proud and privileged to be invited to be a Technical Consultant for UK based Extreme Cases.

Extreme Cases are defined by their name with innovation in design and production suitable for protection of the most valuable items and manufactured for the most rugged applications and highest standards required of the casing industry.

Check out the versatile range and custom production solutions at www.extreme-cases.com and do not hesitate to drop me a line for some advice and direction.