My life-work balance

Following on from my post “The Importance of My Mind Voyage“, I was really keen to expand on what my life-work balance looked like on paper and hopefully encourage you to look into your own balance too.

My situation is currently a little unusual as I am on a project in the UK but the theme is the same, I have way too much work on my on my scales, need to sleep because I am exhausted and spend very little time on my family or myself. Even social time seems to be work at the moment too as every discussion is surrounded by “how is work? My office is doing this and Covid has done that”.

How do you compare?

There are 7 days of 24 hours totalling 168 available hours in a week. My week consisted of 56 hours of sleep (33%), 30 hours of me time (18%), 8 hours with my family (5%), 7 hours of social interaction (4%), 10 hours of exercise (6%) and 57 hours of work (34%). Yes, I work more than I sleep!

The need to sleep well, eat well, exercise and be active physically and mentally engage in activities too with others is essential for our well-being and while I know I can sustain my current level for a while, I also know the feelings and outcomes of doing this beyond my capabilities. I have been there and wont be going back.

Right, over to you. The link below is a free example of the “Life-work Balance” (chapter nine) from My Mind Voyage and I want to challenge you to record this week, starting today not tomorrow or next Monday, TODAY and use the key words every hour. Be honest with yourself and remember this is about where you are mentally AND physically so if you are in the kitchen at home with the family but thinking about work or on the phone, you are working.

Your time is precious so take your time, it’s yours to take.

I’ll be updating my posts with more real-life navigation to my goals and my personal mind voyage.

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