Why a farm stay can be healthier than a hotel

When travelling, I often aim to book a farm stay over a hotel and there are a few specific reasons why this is healthier for me during a trip.

The Air

Whether just a conscious mindset, the minute you drive up to a farm stay in the middle of open countryside the air just seems cleaner and the space quieter and this instantly makes you take a deep breathe in and a moment to just stop

The Room

Unlike standard hotel rooms that are square, modern, seamless and identical anywhere on our planet, a farm stay room is quirky, creaky and often unusual but always versatile and amply equipped.  The few minutes it takes to work out the 19th century wardrobe and take in the view from the window overlooking acres of land allow you to turn down the brain.

The Food

Almost every farm stay I have been in provides a full breakfast either cooked or cold but always fresh whether off the farm itself (nothing bettering then eggs on toast from the coop), or from local suppliers and farms. The fruit is awesome and the full-english hasn’t been sitting under heated lights for 20 minutes.

The breakfast is also a time to socialise and pass on stories of the trip, suggest places to go and find new friends.  Beginning a day with a good brekky and chat with random strangers has great benefits.

The FREE Exercise

Part of my mission to encourage active living in normal life is never more evident than when staying at a farm stay.  Option 1 at a hotel is taking the lift up and down to a serviced lobby or take your turn in the minimally equipped gym in isolation.  Option 2 is put on some runners (or walkers) and take a trip around the owners land.  The benefits of a walk in the countryside for a city dweller is significant for both body and mind.  What you see, hear and smell triggers the senses into a relaxed and productive mindset as you realise that the world is in fact an amazing place that you drive by every day.

The Host

From the email to book your room to the minute you leave, you know you have someone around to answer any needs you have with local knowledge and above everything else you don’t have to eat alone nor feel obliged to mingle with the family and guests.  There is nothing more depressing than “table for one please” and spending 20 minutes skimming the phone over a coffee.

For body and mind a farm stay can be a real break in a busy schedule and ironically is often cheaper than the most basic hotel chain.  Free parking, free Wi-Fi, free exercise.

Better living isn’t a chore, it’s a choice so #LearnTrainWork and make an effort to look outside of your norm and experience something a little different.

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