Why the 0.01% makes all the difference

What an amazing week in football (soccer) it has been with two extraordinary stories of humans digging so deep within themselves, their teams and their families to beat all the odds.

Champions League second leg semi-finals 2019. Liverpool trail 3-0 to a power house Barcelona as they meet at Liverpools home ground in Anfield on 7th May. Tottenham are facing a very on form Ajax away in Holland on 8th May after suffering a 2-0 loss at their home ground.

Coming in to both games, the pressure is enormous but it is Champions League semi-finals, there are no longer any underdogs just winners and the best of the best. But what makes the difference is the performance under the pressure when absolutely everything is seemingly out of reach.

Our lifelong personal journeys are not dissimilar and while the goal may not be as great to the general population, it is equally an achievement to ourselves so your ability to put just an extra 0.01% into everything you do is essential.

I established Global Performance Testing International to reinforce self-confidence in anyone willing to be accountable for their own performance. “Performance” a word associated with sport and elitism but in truth it is just our action, how we perform as a human and to be honest, it’s not that complex as we have been doing it for a good few thousand years now.

Accountable for your human performance simply means to be responsible for your own wellness, understand yourself and your weaknesses to develop along with your strengths to maintain. This all requires knowledge and interpretation of the world around us, ofter referred to as “Physical Literacy” and this is where www.gptqa.com is reinforcing your personal ability to live weller (is that a word?) and longer. It is fine to know that you are not the same as the person next to you and you are not a “norm”.

On 7th May, coach Jurgen Klopp with the Liverpool team and enormous family around the world pulled off the unthinkable by turning a 3-0 loss to a 4-3 win and the unity of the fans was a significant contribution to that additional 0.01% (You’ll never walk alone!) (read report). On 8th May, Lucas Moura performed the astonishing with a hat-trick in the second half in Holland including the final goal in the 95th minute to turn his clubs dreams into reality. Tottenham went through to play Liverpool in the finals thanks to 0.01% of never giving up from the Tottenham family too (read report).

Sport is effectively active living at its peak and we all engage in the big event emotionally and physically so why not make every event a big one. Getting up in the morning with a plan for a positive day, feel great rather than ok, set reachable goals and build over your life rather than face disappointment over a failed, impractical 8 week challenge.

GPTBenchmark is here to help with unemotional, unbiased and true tracking and personal benchmarking tools to assist your health, wellness and sport.



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